“The best professionals using the best standards and methodologies”


  • Risk Analysis

    A foundational part of any risk management program is the process by which “the business,” as the first line of defense, identifies and evaluates risks and controls. Without adequate risk analysis methodology to undertake these activities effectively, a company’s business process can be exposed to unknown weaknesses and key stakeholders may not be able to develop an appropriate response. The absence of effective risk and control assessment activities will impair the ability of a company to identify, prioritize, escalate and remediate risk issues impacting the most important parts of managing a business such as strategy setting, business planning, executing large scale projects, customer retention, cyber security, maintaining mission critical systems and processes and launching new products.

  • Policies & Procedures (ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO/IEC 22301, PCI-DSS, SOX, Others)

    An organization needs to be able to assess and implement compliance with relevant international standards either by regulatory and legal obligation or by the need to fulfill information security management capabilities for its Stakeholders, Clients and Competitors. Layer8 has professionals with a wide experience in assessing and implementing ISMS, PCI-DSS & PCI-Card Production, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery controls and strategies across complex Organizations throughout the World in a structured and progressive way.

  • Contract Compliance Services

    Third party service providers is one of the widest vectors Organizations have nowadays which can introduce security flaws within Corporate systems, infrastructure and private data & information. Not knowing whether outsiders are properly dealing with your data and your systems can have devastating outcomes, resulting in: data leakage, corporate espionage, illegal system’s access and other malicious activities. Layer8 has defined a set of security and privacy controls regarding the handling of Organization’s information and systems, delivering a compliance report with irrefutable evidences and an impact analysis with the appropriate mitigation controls.

  • SAP Security

    — “Nowadays, most SAP System modules have been hacked. Organizations tend to forget that these systems support and hold highly business critical data!”
    It’s not unusual to see that the protection of SAP systems begins and ends with segregation of duties and access control. However all of the surrounding SAP layers (Infrastructure, Application and Logic) must be protected and reinforced against internal and external attackers to prevent Espionage, Sabotage and Fraud.
    Layer8’s approach to secure SAP Systems covers the whole chain of layers involved: Infrastructure, Application, Logic and related IT Processes. We assess and carefully analyze processual and technical flaws, giving the Organizations the ability to gain a high level overview of SAP systems Security, detailed vulnerabilities and recomendations, internal and regulatory compliance and business impact of the nonconformities.

  • Computer Security Incident Response Team – CSIRT

    Responding to cyber-security incidents is a hard and complex activity. Having the appropriate processes, team and tools to effectively manage an incident from the detection to the eradication phase can only be achieved by skilled and trained professionals. Layer8 has a deep experience in creating and operating Incident Response Teams within multi-national Organizations, aligned with the most relevant standards and guidelines (e.g. NIST, SANS, FIRST, Trusted-Introducer), providing you the right guidance for processes, tools, operational procedures and interoperability with National Incident Response Teams.

  • Information Classification

    Information is the biggest asset Organizations have. In order to apply proper security controls, Organizations must classify their data, and understand what an effective information classification system should accomplish. Layer8 has the experience to help Organizations to categorize information so as to communicate company-endorsed safeguards for information confidentiality, integrity and availability. Additionally to define an effective data classification Model that is easy to understand, use and maintain, Layer8 can assist in implementing technological solutions based in Microsoft RMS technology (Watchful Software) to enforce the information classification policy across and beyond the Organization’ perimeter.

  • Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing

    A successful attack could result in a loss of confidential data, revenue, customer confidence, and much more.

    Although Organizations do a god job at the perimeter and in particular, network security and systems through restrictive firewalls, much is forgotten regarding a comprehensive protection across network segregation, systems hardening, and public exposed systems and applications. New exploits arise every day, application vulnerabilities are discovered, and new attack vectors are created due to business demands and time-to-market decisions.

    Layer8 has a team of highly skilled professional which have performed multiple penetration projects in infrastructures, web and mobile application across a wide range of National and International Organizations with complex and critical systems. You can expect a high level of technical expertise aligned with a real business vision, where vulnerabilities are mapped into business risks, classified according to international standards (OWASP, CVSS, CWE and others) and with feasible mitigation proposals.

  • Security Awareness

    People are still one of the weakest links regarding information security. Inside an Organization, everyone has a role to play in the success of a security awareness and training initiative. Layer8 defines these initiatives considering an understanding and assessment of budget and other resource allocation, organization size, consistency of mission, and geographic dispersion of the Organization. Layer8 creates practical and smooth ways to interact with people thus:
    Building real and effective security awareness programs, Changing behavior and culture and Measuring the impact of the actions taken, demonstrating the evolution of employees on the designated information security topics.

  • Privacy & Data Protection

    Privacy and data protection have never been an easy topic. History shows us that most often decisions are taken after a breach or data loss has occurred, or legal controls and made mandatory.
    Companies are confronted with an investment decision, where due to the lack of an appropriate roadmap and strategy, most often is inappropriate and misaligned with the reality. Layer8 has a deep experience when dealing with complex local, national and global regulatory environments (e.g. laws of privacy and data protection), technology restrictions and business and stakeholders’ demands and requirements. Organizations can expect full compliance with the current best practices as well as a structured roadmap of initiatives to implements and mitigate non-conformities.